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Private 11 Plus Tuition

Our private tuition service, aimed at preparing students for the 11 Plus examination in Birmingham, has quickly become incredibly popular with parents seeking an advantage for their children.

Our programme is led by experienced and certified tutors who provide individualized attention to each student in a one-on-one setting.

With this personalized approach, we ensure that your child receives the focused support and guidance necessary to increase their chances of success in the 11 Plus examinations.

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Private Tutoring

Individualised one-to-one tuition is a highly effective approach for preparing children for the 11 Plus.

Our team of proficient tutors in Birmingham provides personalised attention to address the specific areas of weakness of each child, transforming them into strengths.

Our 11 Plus tutors are adept at identifying the subjects where a child excels and the topics that require additional support.

With custom lesson plans and one-on-one attention, children can feel confident and well-equipped for the 11 Plus examination.


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Our private tuition programme provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in personalised, one-on-one study sessions with a certified instructor.

The key advantage of this method is that it guarantees students the undivided attention of their tutor as they prepare for the 11 Plus examination.

As a result, tutors are able to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, and create a customised study plan that focuses specifically on areas that require additional attention.

One to One Private Tuition

Getting your child ready for the 11 Plus examination well ahead of time is crucial if you want them to successfully secure a place in a grammar school.

This assessment is demanding and requires a dedicated approach over an extended period.

While there are no quick paths to success, a steady and organised coaching regime can provide your child with the essential abilities to pass the exam with flying colours.

If you believe that private tuition is the best 11 Plus preparation route for them, we suggest that you enrol them in the programme at least 1-2 years before the scheduled examination date.

We offer personalised tuition schedules that are tailored to accommodate both your and your child’s schedules.

This approach ensures that their learning sessions do not clash with any pre-existing commitments or plans.

As soon as your child starts their classes with us and our tutors assess their strengths and areas for improvement, we can modify the frequency of the study sessions by either increasing or decreasing the number of classes per week to suit their unique requirements.

During one-on-one tuition sessions, children are taught a thorough curriculum that covers all the fundamental elements of the 11 Plus examination: Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics.

Moreover, they acquire essential competencies that play a vital role in achieving success in the exam, including effective time management, optimal memory utilization, and strong organizational skills.

Certainly. When it comes to preparing for the 11 Plus examination, a comprehensive approach for certain students may involve a combination of individualised tutoring and group learning opportunities.

While some parents or guardians may view private tutoring as the preferred choice, it may be overwhelming and challenging for certain learners.

Therefore, a blend of both instructional methods can provide significant benefits for particular individuals.

While it is possible for a small number of children to pass the 11 Plus examination without any assistance or training, they represent a minority.

The prevailing trend across Birmingham and other regions in the UK is that most children who gain admission to grammar schools have usually undergone some type of regular coaching prior to taking the test.

11 Plus Private School is a privately-owned institution that offers tutoring services within the Edgbaston locality of Birmingham.

Our range of academic support is accessible to students in Birmingham and its neighbouring areas.

If you are uncertain about whether private tutoring is the best choice for your child, we present an alternative option of group tuition.

Furthermore, we have an assortment of programs that can supplement either of our tutoring courses, offering considerable advantages.

Our selection of services for 11 Plus preparation includes both private and group tuition, mock examinations, and interview preparation.


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