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Securing a place at a Grammar school can be a stressful time for young children and their families. The competition is fierce, with spots reserved for the select few who achieve the best results in the 11-plus. However, a vast majority of the children who gain spots at Grammar schools have received tutoring or coaching. In Birmingham, 86% of children taking the 11-plus had received some form of coaching from either parents, guardians or private tutors.

The key to passing the exam is making sure your child is comfortable and confident in their ability to pass. 11-Plus Private School are capable of giving you, as parents, the peace of mind that your child will be prepared for their upcoming exam. We aim to ensure that every student we tutor goes into the 11-plus exam knowing they are capable of getting a good mark.


What can 11-Plus Private School do to help?

11-Plus Private School are an independent tutoring company based in Birmingham. Our tutors are qualified, experienced and DRB/CRB checked with the capability of providing your child with the tools to give them the best possible chance of succeeding in the 11-plus.

To give your child the best possible chance of success we recommend tuition begins in Year 4. Our 84% success rate shows we can give your child the best possible chance of achieving a high mark in the exam. Because every student is different, we tailor plans to their needs, working on any weaknesses they may possess.

Even if your child is in Year 5, do not worry – we can still offer our assistance. It is never too late to begin tutoring. Should your exam date be fast approaching, our tutors are capable of making your child feel confident they will pass.

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If you have any questions about how we work, our tutors or plan information, feel free to contact us!


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DBS Checked

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