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Our Mock Examinations

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the 11 Plus is by undergoing mock examinations.

In Birmingham, we offer a Mock Examinations programme that mimics the actual test conditions, giving students the opportunity to acclimate to the actual exam’s expectations.

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11-Plus Exam

Assess and improve with real examination conditions and papers.

Keeping our course syllabus and practice exams up-to-date is a top priority at our institution.

This means that every mock examination your child takes with us will accurately reflect the current 11 Plus tests.

Our mock tests are highly beneficial for assessing your child’s understanding of the 11 Plus curriculum, as well as familiarising them with the examination’s conditions.

Our mock examinations are meticulously timed and monitored to mirror the official 11 Plus tests, making them an effective way to prepare for the real thing.


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Taking part in mock examinations is an effective way for children to prepare themselves for the actual 11 Plus.

By exposing students to the type of questions they will encounter, these practice tests help to enhance their confidence.

Moreover, the results of these mock examinations offer a precise evaluation of a child’s current level of skill.

This analysis enables parents and educators to pinpoint areas where a child may be struggling and offer guidance on appropriate revision strategies.

Our practice tests consist of four sections, with each section corresponding to one of the four subjects covered in the 11 Plus examination: Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics.

Each section is timed at 30 minutes, and two sections are completed in succession before a short break is given for the student to take a breather. Once the break is over, the remaining two sections are completed.

The utilisation of mock examinations as a preparation method for actual tests has shown to be highly effective.

Our organisation, situated in Birmingham, provides mock examinations that simulate the 11 Plus examination conditions.

This allows children to gain an idea of what to expect during the actual examination.

Our syllabus is regularly updated to ensure that the practice tests our students take are current and closely resemble the most recent 11 Plus examinations in both style and content.

Our venues in Birmingham will replicate actual examination conditions during the mock tests, meaning that mandatory silence is observed by the students.

The purpose of implementing such strict regulations is to prevent any inadvertent communication during the official 11 Plus examination, which could result in disqualification.

As the 11 Plus is frequently the first formal exam for many students, it is critical that they grasp and comply with the anticipated conduct.

After the mock examination is finished, we will provide an extensive report within 48 hours that outlines your child’s performance.

The report will comprise a breakdown of percentages for each section, as well as an overall score, allowing us to identify your child’s strong points and areas for improvement.

This information will enable us to tailor the tuition to suit your child’s individual requirements.

It is perfectly all right for students to participate in practice examinations alongside tuition classes, whether they are in a private or group tuition setting.

In fact, we strongly endorse this approach. By doing so, students can not only assess the efficacy of the tuition program, but they can also pinpoint areas where extra practice may be required to achieve success in their examinations.

The extent to which mock examinations can contribute to the success of children preparing for the 11 Plus depends entirely on each child’s unique situation.

Although there may be some rare instances where a child manages to pass the exam with minimal aid, most children require substantial support.

In this regard, mock examinations have proven to be an invaluable resource for many, demonstrating their effectiveness in aiding children’s preparation for the 11 Plus.

Our range of 11 Plus preparation options is designed to be exceptionally effective, and administered exclusively by seasoned and certified experts.

These include:

  • Private Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Mock Examinations
  • Interview Preparation.


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