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Our 11 Plus tuition services are designed to give primary school students in Birmingham the best possible chance of securing a spot in a grammar school.

Due to the limited availability of places, the 11 Plus examination is widely recognized as one of the most competitive selective tests.

The examination poses a distinct challenge to pupils, as it assesses topics that are not typically taught in primary education, making it exceptionally challenging to excel.

Nevertheless, our tailored tuition services can enhance your child’s prospects of success in the highly competitive 11 Plus examination.

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The 11 Plus examination is usually administered on the first Saturday of September during a student’s final year of primary school. Children are typically around the age of 11 years at this time.

Its purpose is to evaluate a student’s academic aptitudes and strengths, which are used to determine their placement in a secondary school.

Successfully passing the 11 Plus examination is a mandatory requirement for admission into a grammar school.

The test is composed of four sections: Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, and English.

While primary schools include English and Mathematics in their national curriculum, the level of proficiency needed to pass these subjects in the 11 Plus examination is more advanced.

In contrast, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning are not part of the primary school National Curriculum, and hence not commonly taught in primary schools.

This lack of familiarity with these subjects could create challenges for students.

Even though students may have academic experience with English and Mathematics, they may still need to enhance their skills to pass these parts of the exam.

Many students seek private tuition to increase their chances of passing the 11 Plus examination, but it is not impossible to gain admission to a grammar school without it.


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In some areas of the UK, the 11 Plus examination is used to determine if a student is eligible for admission to a grammar school upon entering secondary education.

The test assesses a student’s academic abilities and is designed to selectively evaluate and identify those who meet the admission requirements for a grammar school.

Students commonly take the 11 Plus examination in their final year of primary school, which typically falls around the age of 11.

The 11 Plus examination aims to assess a student’s academic abilities through a series of tests. These tests cover a range of subjects, including Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, and English.

Verbal Reasoning evaluates a student’s ability to understand and manipulate language. It includes questions that require identifying relationships between words, and completing sentences or paragraphs based on given instructions.

Non-verbal Reasoning assesses a student’s capacity to analyse and comprehend visual information. It consists of questions that ask students to identify patterns, relationships, or logical sequences based on visual materials such as diagrams or charts.

The Mathematics section evaluates a student’s mathematical skills, covering topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

The English section assesses a student’s reading and writing abilities. Typically, this section includes questions that require students to read a passage of text and answer questions about it or to write an essay or other written response.

It is important to note that the specific tests included in the 11 Plus examination may vary depending on the local education authority administering it and the specific school the student is applying to attend. Some schools may also incorporate additional tests or assessments as part of their admission process to ensure that they admit the most capable students.

The purpose of the 11 Plus assessment is to fairly distribute the limited spots available in grammar schools among the most academically talented students.

In the 1940s, this examination was introduced to establish a more equitable education system based on merit, recognising that the conventional grammar school structure was perceived as discriminatory and exclusive, failing to cater to all students.

The 11 Plus examination aimed to substitute this elitist system with a more comprehensive and merit-oriented approach that would enable every student to excel based on their academic capabilities.

The 11 Plus examination is typically administered during the final year of primary school by the local education authority, and it usually takes place within the confines of the student’s primary school.

Regardless of their background or educational track record, any student within the designated age range is welcome to sit the exam, which ensures that all qualifying pupils have an equitable chance to showcase their academic potential.

The 11 Plus examination employs a binary evaluation system, with students being categorised as either “pass” or “fail” depending on whether their scores exceed a predetermined threshold.

However, the specific standards utilised to grade the examination may vary depending on the administering body and the geographical region in which it is taken.

If a student fails to achieve a passing grade in the 11 Plus examination, they won’t receive admission to a grammar school.

Nevertheless, they can opt to attend either a non-selective school nearby or their local secondary school.

There may be situations where students with specific learning difficulties or disabilities are exempted from taking the 11 Plus examination due to potential challenges in completing the test.

In these instances, alternative arrangements may be made for such students, including placement in a school that is better equipped to cater to their unique abilities and requirements.

There are various strategies that students can employ to get ready for the 11 Plus examination, such as practising with sample test questions.

Numerous regional education authorities offer such questions, which can help students get familiarised with the types of questions they might face in the exam.

Another option is to enrol in an intensive preparation program that some private companies provide.

These programs are specifically designed to assist students in building the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the 11 Plus examination.

Additionally, working with a private tutor is also a viable approach. This method provides students with personalised instruction and support while they prepare for the exam.

Lastly, maintaining an organised approach and keeping up with schoolwork can be a productive way for students to prepare for the 11 Plus examination.

Good study habits and staying up-to-date with schoolwork can help students stay focused and confident as they approach the exam.

Private tuition is considered one of the most beneficial methods to prepare for the 11 Plus examination.

It provides students with customised support and individualised instruction, which assists them in thoroughly learning the examination syllabus and receiving personalised feedback.

Through the aid of an experienced tutor, students can focus on areas where they are struggling, resulting in a better grasp of the examination content.

However, it is crucial to note that private tuition does not guarantee success in the 11 Plus examination. Factors such as the tutor’s proficiency, the student’s drive and dedication, and the amount of time spent studying all contribute to determining the efficacy of private tuition.

11 Plus Private School functions as an independent tutoring institute situated in Edgbaston Birmingham.

We have a team of tutors who are exceptionally qualified, proficient, and have undergone DBS screening to provide your child with the vital tools to enhance their chances of success in the 11 Plus examination.

We offer an array of services, including private and group tuitions, mock exams, and interview preparation services, all conveniently accessible in the Birmingham area.


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