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11 Plus Group Tuition

Participating in group tuition can prove extremely beneficial for some children in preparing for their 11 Plus examinations.

Our Birmingham-based tuition centre offers tailored group tuition sessions designed for the 11 Plus where students can join small study groups and engage in collaborative learning.

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Group Tutoring

At 11 Plus Private School, we recognize and appreciate the unique learning requirements of every child.

We acknowledge that some children may benefit more from receiving customised support from expert tutors in individualised sessions, while others may thrive in an interactive and dynamic group learning setting.

Learning in a small group setting can also improve the confidence of certain students and foster healthy competition as everyone aims to achieve their best.

We firmly believe that collaborative and supportive learning environments, where progress is made collectively, inspire a shared dedication to individual growth and development.


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While personalised tutoring may suit some children, others prefer a classroom atmosphere that is comfortable and familiar to them.

For families looking for an affordable group learning experience that promotes social interaction, our group tuition program is an excellent option.

Our experience with group revisions has shown that students who excel in social settings tend to do better when they collaborate with their peers.

Students partaking in Group Tuition

Our tuition centre is located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, where we hold group tutoring sessions.

Our group tutoring programme facilitates sessions during weekdays after school hours and on weekends with classes taking place throughout the day.

Our 11 Plus group tuition sessions follow a meticulously planned syllabus that provides thorough coverage of all the essential components of the actual test.

These components include Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics.

Moreover, we equip our students with valuable tips and tricks on exam strategies such as efficient time management techniques.

To avoid such circumstances, we limit the number of students assigned to each group.

Moreover, our instructors possess exceptional skills and hold certifications that qualify them to manage classes of any size.

Nonetheless, if your child is prone to distraction and you have concerns about group instruction, we provide the option of private tuition.

Determining the most beneficial approach for a child’s education, whether group tuition or private tuition, depends on their unique learning style and academic requirements.

Group learning may offer advantages to some children by fostering healthy competition and boosting self-confidence, motivating them to excel in their studies.

Moreover, working collaboratively with peers can expose children to different learning styles, improving teamwork skills and encouraging innovative problem-solving.

In contrast, private tutoring offers a more tailored and personalised approach.

For certain children, one-on-one tutoring may be more effective as it provides them with undivided attention and a customised learning experience.

Ultimately, the key is to determine the most suitable approach for your child to facilitate their academic development.

Yes, a combination of both individual and group lessons can be advantageous for certain students who are getting ready for the 11 Plus examination.

Although some parents may consider one-on-one tutoring to be the best method, it can be daunting for certain children.

A blended approach that integrates both techniques can be particularly productive for certain students.

If you think that your child may not benefit from group tuition, you might be interested in exploring our private tuition service.

Moreover, we offer various essential programs that can effectively augment the educational journey for the 11 Plus.

Our extensive line-up of services aims to aid in 11 Plus preparation and includes private tuition, group tuition, mock examinations, and interview preparation programme.


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