Mock Exams

Mock Exams

Mock exams are one of the most effective methods of preparation for exams. Our mock exams in Birmingham simulate 11-plus exam conditions to help children experience what to expect.

We update the syllabus regularly. This means that all the practice exams your child will sit with us will be up-to-date and similar in the style of the recent, real 11-plus.

The structure of our mock exams

The mock exams we provide consist of four papers. There is one paper for every subject found in the 11-plus: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, and mathematics.

Each paper lasts 30 minutes. Two papers are sat back-to-back before your child is allowed a short break, where they can relax. Once the break has ended, your child will sit the final two papers.

11 Plus Exam

Simulating the real 11-plus

The exam conditions for the mocks in our Birmingham-based venues will be very similar to those of a real exam. This means that your child has to remain silent and will not be allowed to talk while sitting the mock.

We enforce these conditions because it is vital that in the real 11-plus, your child does not accidentally communicate, as this can cause disqualification.

The 11-plus is likely to be your child’s first experience with a formal exam. As a result of this, it is essential they understand the behaviour expected of them.

You are contacted within 48 hours of the completion of the mock exam with a report. This report will detail how your child performed on the test, giving percentages for each section as well as an overall score.

By using this report, we can identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, which can ensure tuition is tailored to their needs.

Children participating in mock exams

Baines Online Formative Assessment (BOFA) mock exams

BOFA is an online testing platform used to see how well your child is performing in an 11-plus-style exam.

The tests it provides are personalised to your child’s weaknesses after they take an initial basic test.

The first test your child sits with BOFA will shape their future exams, as they are focused on improving any weaknesses your child showed.

One of the ways this is achieved is by explaining where your child went wrong on specific questions through a report. The correct answers are explained simply and clearly, making sure your child does not make the same mistakes next time. Upon correctly answering questions, your child is rewarded with praise.

BOFA is a time-efficient way of learning. Thus, your child is only taught subjects they need to know and no time is wasted on any topics that aren’t relevant.

The platform prides itself on its attention to detail to ensure your child is prepared. Children have consistently claimed to enjoy learning with BOFA.

IXL Online Learning

IXL is an online English and Maths learning platform used by over 7 million students worldwide.

The platform offers hundreds of courses for students ranging from primary to secondary school age. This includes plenty of relevant material for the 11-plus.

While English and Maths will be part of your child’s education in the school curriculum, there is no harm in making sure your child prepares for the 11-plus through our tuition, aided by IXL.

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Whether you want your children to sit our mock exams in Birmingham or want to enlist the services of our tutors, get in touch with us, and we could help guide your child through their 11-plus journey.



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